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12 June 2021

"Night of Faith"

Basel / Switzerland

2021 is the year of the third edition of «Nacht des Glaubens» ("Night of Faith"). Live music and various other artistic shows about "God and the world" on Basel´s big squares, theatres, event locations and churches...

Website "Night of Faith"

4-12 September 2021

Ars Sacra Festival & "Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe"

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Conferences, Music, Literature, Talks, Filmfest, themed walks, Theater, Exhibitions, Spiritual Programmes, Children programmes,...

The Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdö gave the Ars Sacra Foundation the mandate to organise the cultural programmes of the 52. International Eucharistic Congress in 2021.


We work as an umbrella organisation, so I kindly ask you all, to organise programmes in your own country that time - 04.09.2021- 12.09.2021!

It's very important, that these mission programmes must be for free!

We can offer you the Europe wide protected logo of Ars Sacra Festival, and the certification of "Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe" (since 2016).

Download Booklet of the Festival in 2020

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