International Zoom-call of Art Ministry Leaders
AT 14.00-16.00 (CET)

About 15 years ago, a number of leaders from diverse Christian arts networks joined together persuaded that there is mutual benefit in networking networks.  The name selected for this initiative became ARTS+. We are excited about our development!  

ARTS+ is not another organisation, rather it is a loose network of Christian initiatives with a simple concept to aid in the establishment of National Round Tables, in other words, networking existing art networks.

In countries across Europe there are a number of new strategic Christian art initiatives, many, we  discovered that do not have any connections beyond their own network. Our aim is to motivate therefore such initiatives to discover each other and come together.  The aim is to gather at least once a year for exchange, mutual encouragement, sharing of experiences, collecting best practices and prayer for one another. Our common Arts+ belief is that success in any individual network is truly a success for the whole.

Invited are leaders and representatives of Christian Art Initiatives and visionary art-leaders who have a passion for networking and for the common goal of forward progress in the sphere of the arts and faith.

Topic: ARTS+ in your country and Europe. 

What are your challenges, joys, ideas and pitfalls? Please come and share your thoughts on how we can all benefit through networking together.

The Arts+Europe Round Table comprises a group of visionary arts advocates and leaders who collaborate in order to catalyze forward progress in the arts landscape across Europe.


Formed as an outcome of the 2009 European Arts Summit and Hope for Europe vision, the European Round Table focuses on the spheres of the Church, Mission, Education and the Marketplace.


It is informed by a Christian/Biblical worldview, and carried out for the glory of God.

Church arts education, spiritual mentoring of artists, and cultural restoration are core mission values.

Arts+ was started by leaders of Christian art initiatives who recognize the importance of being connected. Inspired by “Hope for Europe,” national round tables were formed, first in Switzerland. In 2009 the European Arts Summit at Schloss Mittersill hastened an expansion of the European-wide network and a sharpening of the vision. The Arts+ network and vision continue to expand across Europe focusing on the spheres of the Church, Mission, Education, and the Marketplace.

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